Human Lab Corporation is a multinational creative multi-faceted media company created by award- winning writers, directors, producers, editors and artists from all over the world who have come together to create films that celebrate the human adventure, with its humour and passion, conflict and connection, and transformative moments of discovery.

At HLC we create art work that Inspire, stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit. We focus on arthouse and commercial films in both the independent and studio space. We also create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and people.

In 2015 we have produced a narrative feature film named ‘Dasein’. The film has been successfully screened in 42 International Film Festivals throughout the globe and won 8 Awards.

We are also exploring the possibilities of collaborating with other companies and film makers from all over the globe. We find that through these positive relationships we are able to build a trusted community of filmmakers interested in making a difference.

Our team of writers, directors, producers and artists draw on their diverse experiences in film, creative advertising, music, social media, journalism, and reality TV to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally.

Our creativity, and talent allows for promotional content that is unrivalled, and our past relationships with other film makers and musician in the business makes us affordable to the needs of all seeking, high quality promotional work.

Our work is influenced by an array of cultural stimuli—science, history, photography, and architecture, blended with soul music, modern art, sports, and futurism, topped off with a dash of pop culture, a splash of childlike curiosity, and a triple shot of serendipity.

So working together we create partnerships and experiences that Engage, Entertain and Inspire.